Saturday, November 28, 2015

Communication is Key

When inspiring social change, it is imperative that the message utilizes strong communication skills.  First, the message must be clear and coherent for people to understand.  Without understanding, people cannot rally behind the cause.  Second, a message needs to be concise.  Without focus, an idea can get lost in the noise.

I have had a lot of public speaking experience.  When I am prepared, I feel have strong communication skills as it relates to being clear and coherent.  I tend to get too wordy, because I like providing details.  I need to remind myself at times to stay focused.  I have seen my audiences pay more attention and not become distracted on the occasions when I was more concise and focused.


  1. PS I scored a 43 on the Communication Anxiety Inventory, which confirms that I only experience a mild degree of anxiety when communicating.

  2. You do sound like a confident public speaker,and that's a great attribute. It makes sense, also, that when a person is focused and actively engaged, not only with the topic but also with the listeners, that things go over better. Thanks, Sarah!